For The Suits: Spring/Summer Guide


Could that be, the, the, the sun!?! Spring is just around the corner (not from where we’re sitting mind you) and so it’s time for another For The Suits season guide. You know the deal: we outline our personal favorites for the season and you run out and buy them. Or wear them if you already have the gear. We like to think so at least.

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On The Beach

It’d been a long bloody day. The usual Bank Holiday chaos in Brighton. After ’64 everyone seemed to stop paying attention, the daily rags no longer interested in reporting about working class kids heading to the seaside to kick fuck out of each other. But it was still happening. The news might have moved onto the next thing, but the gangs of youth patrolling the seafront hadn’t. Continue reading

First Cut: Gayfeet

Sonia Pottinger was one of the greatest producers of the rocksteady era (as well as the first female producer in Jamaica) so one would have high hopes when her Gayfeet label popped on English shores as yet another subsidiary of the Trojan label. Unfortunately the label did little to represent the sort of quality Pottinger was producing on a regular basis throughout the late sixties in Jamaica.

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Karl Bryan Rules OK!

Karl Bryan is, undoubtedly, one of the finest musicians to ever grace the Jamaican music scene. He’s also a firm For The Suits favorite and responsible for some of the smoothest reggae instrumentals of all time. So we’ve created this play list showcasing some of his finest, solo credited, moments. The tracks featured here are but a sliver of his output, much of it as a stand out session player, in which the man deservedly took center stage whether as King Cannon, Cannoball King, Carl Bryan or his legal name Karl Bryan. Enjoy.

Pocket Hankies by Moz

Just got these through the door. Done by a lad named Moz, they are some of the best quality pocket hankies on the scene and a steal at 5GBP each, shipping included. Most colors and a variety of styles are available. Contact him at

The Neat Offensive

Now this is exciting news. This is the trailer for the upcoming documentary on John Simons, often credited with the proliferation of the Ivy League style on English shores. Given the Ivy Look’s undeniable influence on The Look, we think we’re justifiably excited about this one. A Kickstarter campaign looking for funding to have the project completed ended a few weeks ago, and though they’ve fallen short of their goal a new one is likely. We’ll keep you updated.