Sounds and Pressure

Why yes that is a wall full of speakers. Meet the Sounds and Pressure Sound System probably the best vintage sound system anywhere in the world. They have the annual 1970 Bank Holiday Revival at the IOW rally this weekend. If you can make it out and don’t there is likely something wrong with you. We were going to do a write up on them but figured we’d let them describe themselves:

Sounds and Pressure Sound System specializes in serving up the choicest cuts of hard 60s reggae, rocksteady, ska and soul to tingle the tastebuds of any 60s freak. Our business is massive, heavyweight sound systems, in the original Jamaican style and designed to level buildings. We work alongside and support regular clubs all around the UK, such as Scorcher, Blue Cat and Liquidator and promote regular shows by some of the great names in Jamaican music, such as Derrick Morgan, Pat Kelly, Dave Barker and George Dekkar.


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