This Is It.

It’s a way of life. It’s sweaty all nighters. It’s brand new button downs. It’s marvelling over the sheen of a 45. It’s every day being an agonizing wait for Friday. It’s all the little details coming together. It’s something many claim a part of, with very little understanding of it. It’s the never ending hunt for the perfect shirt, the perfect record, the perfect everything. Good enough is a phrase that doesn’t exist. If you’ve ever spent a weeks wages on a tune. If you’ve ever shaken with excitement when digging through a vintage shop produced an original Ben Sherman. If you’ve ever spent all night on a dancefloor. If you’ve ever truly lived. That’s what this is, that’s what this means and has meant for years. Some get it, the majority doesn’t. If you’re part of it, take pride. If you take no pride in it, stop wasting your time.


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