Welcome Back Carlton

News abounds tonight with stories of Carlton Cole’s imminent return to the Boleyn Ground on a short term deal that will give the club a desperately needed third striking option.

Yes it is the same Carlton Cole the club had released in May after failing to agree on a new deal for the striker. The club wanted him to stay, albeit on reduced wages, and Cole wasn’t prepared to take a pay cut.

Alas his search for pastures anew has found┬áno clubs willing to take him on for the 40k a week he was apparently looking for. Although there were reports of interest from Turkey, France and a few English clubs Upton Park looks set to be Cole’s home for the near future.

While certainly not the ideal signing for the club, Cole at least presents an option who is familiar with Sam Allardyce’s preferred system. One shouldn’t be surprised to see Cole make a start at Southampton if Andy Carroll’s injury woes have not subsided by then.

The move does appear to be mutually beneficial for both sides at the moment though, the club needing to bring in another option to Modibo Maiga and Cole looking for a place to ply his trade until the January transfer window.

By all accounts Cole never really wanted to leave the club and instead decided he wasn’t given the respect he felt he deserved when his contract came up for renewal. The club felt as though they would strengthen during the window and thus deemed Cole surplus.

The rumoured contract will have Cole at the club until January, providing much needed cover for the Irons and a chance for Cole to either earn an extension or impress and head off somewhere new.

It’s a smart contract on both sides parts. It just shouldn’t have had to come to this. Cole’s return will surely be met with applause and familiar chants, many supporters respecting the lad, but deep down they’ll be questions.

It’s always great to have a player with a genuine affinity with the fans and club on the pitch, and things were looking dire with only Maiga to back up Big Andy. But one has to hope this move, smacking of desperation in truth, prevents such a gaffe from happening again.


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