Jandisc Makes A Splash

California based label, Jandisc, has recently put out what may be the finest slab of reggae vinyl in quite sometime. The label, originally started in 2007, boasts an extremely talented house band in The Black Emeralds and on the A side of this one they have Dennis “Scorcher” Williams doing one of the best intros this side of the sorely missed King Stitt.

Williams history in the Jamaican industry goes all the way back to the halycon days of what has become known as the skinhead reggae, or early reggae, era and further. Back then he was working with Lloyd Daley, he of the Matador label fame, and recording tunes with his vocal trio the Scorchers.

Pairing him up with the Black Emeralds proves to be a match made in heaven. You won’t find a more authentic sounding recording anywhere else nowadays. Luckily for us, this one is solid on both sides.

On said B side we have saxophonist Robbie Spengler taking the lead on a instrumental track that will be reminding you of some of Sound Dimension’s finest output. It really is an outstanding bit of reggae. The sort of thing we’ve all paid fortunes for on original labels. Needless to say we feel the asking price of $7 plus shipping is more than fair.

All this on a great looking label as well. This one’s going to go fast, so grab a copy here before you regret it.


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