You Need A Mac


In our continued endeavour to make sure our readers are the smartest dressed bunch around we’ve decided to start bringing you the best bits available as they pop up. This week we have a fly front Mac’s on sale from Uniqlo. Since we posted our spring/summer style guide we’ve received many inquiries as to where to find such a coat. Here it is, and it’s on sale. Sizes are going fast so be quick to act. Follow the link.


One thought on “You Need A Mac

  1. A quick tip for US-based readers still in the market for a mac: Amazon currently has Ben Sherman macs on sale for something like $82. Considering the MSRP on them was $175, that’s quite the deal.

    They’re not bad for the price, but they’re not perfect. There’s a very small branded patch on one of the pockets (maybe 1/2″x3/4″) with a Union Flag and the new logotype. Those of us who remember the old BS before they decided to abandon the mods, skins, and suedeheads who loyally supported them for decades just can’t adjust to the new branding. Of lesser importance (or greater, if you’re the sort who puts function over fashion) is the annoying fact that these coats have left-handed zippers. About 90% of people are right-handed. You’re probably right-handed. Chances are you’ve never owned a zippered garment that wasn’t right-handed. It seems like a small thing, but until you’ve tried it, you can’t really grasp how awkward manipulating a left-handed zipper is.

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