FNF: Flash Elorde versus Sandy Saddler

It’s become somewhat of a tradition for our Friday Night Fights feature to take inspiration from an upcoming fight. This evening is no different. With Nonito Donaire, one of the best in the fight game at this very moment, preparing for a showdown with what many consider to be his most dangerous opponent yet, Guillermo Rigondeaux, we figured it was time to hop in the time machine.

You see Donaire and compatriot Manny Pacquaio aren’t the only elite talents to come from the Philippines. The country has a rich tradition when it comes to the Sweet Science. Pancho Villa was their first World champion, becoming a national hero in the process. The cat we feature tonight was treated much the same.

Flash Elorde was the fighting pride of Bogo, Cebu, Philippines. Born into poverty, the youngest of 15 children, he went onto become a fighter revered for his fancy footwork and speed while moving around the ring.

He also happened to end a drought for World Champions hailing from the islands. To this day he holds the record for longest title reign in the volatile Junior Lightweight division, keeping the title for a impressive seven year stretch. And this was back when guys were fighting 5-6 times a year.

His opponet is another legend and fellow member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame, Sandy Saddler. While he was nearing the end of his career at the time this bout took place, he was still the wily character he had always been in the ring. We won’t speak bad of the man, but watch his elbows in this one.

Elorde had defeated Saddler previous to this fight, in front of a rapturous capacity crowd in Manila. The return bout went down in the Cow Palace. Both men give the fans their moneys worth.


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