Get Acquainted With Kamakura


A shirtmaker we have to hold up our hands and admit we didn’t even know existed until one of our readers brought them to our attention is Kamakura. The company has been around for a number of years, based out of Japan with a store in New York City.

They offer the kind of high quality button downs so often lacking once you’ve bought all the Mikkel Rude and Brutus designs you like. Admittedly, these shirts are a step up from both of those brands. All their cotton is sourced from the top three providers in the world, ranging in count from 80 all the way up to 300.

Top of the line luxury, so they probably cost a pretty penny right? Wrong. Shirts begin retailing at $79. You read that right, we didn’t forget a 1 at the very front. Based on the classic Brooks Brothers button downs, both you and the company’s president can share a fanatical appreciation of a proper collar roll.

Wondering where you can get one, other than NYC or Japan? Well up until recently you were out of luck and had to travel to get your hands on one. But the company is about to launch an online shopping site. Let the anticipation begin.


2 thoughts on “Get Acquainted With Kamakura

  1. These shirts are excellent and a great value– and they’re not going to fall apart in the wash/dryer. They actually recommend washing and drying them as they make the sleeve and collar around ¼” larger anticipating shrinkage. The only downside is that they source their cotton from China… but that also keeps the price down. They’re great for the fellow who likes the big rolling collar but is too faint-of-heart to get his Mikkel Rude or Brutus on.

  2. Ted from Darlo says, makers of button down shirts miss the Ben Sherman design of 1967 era where the collar was deep and slightly pointed and the second button down from the collar was tailored to 1inch and a half (for that striking effect when the top button was undone).Then every other button was positioned three inches down the shirt.

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