First Cut: Blue Cat

“Are you ready to rocksteady?” is the line that kick off this double sided slab of gold. The Pioneers, whether working with Leslie Kong or Joe Gibbs, were almost surefire hit makers from 1968 to 1970. On this Blue Cat outing it was Gibbs behind the controls once again and that means it is real hard to decide which is the better tune. “Shake It Up” is a lovely piece of late rocksteady magic while “Goodies Are The Greatest” is yet another one of those killer tracks taking on the topic of the rude boy phenomenon. It’s a fitting start to the label, with many of the biggest tunes in its early days being Joe Gibbs productions. Oddly enough, for a Trojan imprint, it would also go on to feature some absolute stormers from Coxsone Dodd. Other producers popping up include Bunny Lee, Charles Ross and Enos McLeod amongst others. Biggest tune on the label? May just be “Dip It Up” by The Sparkers, a Rannie Williams production. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves.


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