First Cut: Clandisc

The Dynamites were some bad cats. Clancy Eccles was a bad cat. So, needless to say, whenever they got together some real magic happened. This was certainly the case for the first 45 to be released on the Clandisc label: “Skokiaan”. Clandisc was the Trojan subsidiary set up to showcase the productions of Mr. Eccles. In this track all the members of The Dynamites get their chance to shine, from Winston Wright down to Paul Douglas on drums. Really a skinhead reggae instrumental that deserves to get more love than it does. Then you flip it over and King Stitt is hanging out. His contribution is just as good, though not necessarily the typical DJ vocal he became famous for. Instead on this Stitt borders on singing throughout. Yet another impressive start for a label. Although later output on the label would vary from absolutely outstanding (see: most of King Stitt and the Dynamites further output) to absolutely underwhelming (see: Westmorelites “Zion”) there’s enough good on this label to make it highly collectable.


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