FNF: Manny Pacquiao versus Marco Antonio Barrera I

It can sometimes be lost in all the hype and celebrity that has become part of anything attached to Manny Pacquiao nowadays that every bit of his stardom has come from his displays in the ring. He is the type of fighter who put his name on the map by having fight after hellacious fight with the likes on Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales and of special note on this weekend, Juan Manuel Marquez. Although the trilogy, soon to become a quadrilogy, with Marquez might come to define his career we wanted to go back to the fight which was the start of the Pacquiao legend. Going into their showdown in November 2003 Pacquiao was a bit of an unknown quantity. Barrera was certainly the bigger attraction, as the pre fight coverage would make clear. Most of it went to the fact Barrera had brain surgery six years prior, meant to fix irregular blood vessels in his brain. Pacquaio was an after thought. It’s not hard to understand why at the time as Pacquaio had been toiling in some of the sports least followed weight divisions, the fight with Barrera coming as a big step up in quality. It took until the third round for Pacquaio to gain the boxing worlds attention. By the end everyone had witnessed the birth of the superstar millions around the world have become familiar with.


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