Hector Camacho versus Bazooka Limon

In 1983, Bobby Chacon and Hector Camacho were scheduled to battle it out for Chacon’s WBC Super Featherweight title. Chacon refused to make the trip to Puerto Rico for the fight, perhaps sensing that an already tough fight could only be made even tougher by fighting in front of a rabid crowd of Boricuas. In stepped Bazooka Limon, Chacon’s fabled nemesis. If you’ve ever watched a Limon fight you have probably put together he was afraid of very little. He was also one of the best in his division at the time. Camacho showed absolutely no fear, taking on a vastly more experienced opponent only 22 fights into his career. He made him look very, very bad. It was the start of an impressive career spanning four decades and seven different weight classes. His passing, last Friday, was yet another major loss to the sweet science. Always entertaining, never intimidated, Camacho will be sorely missed by fans of all ages.


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