First Cut: Camel

We’re on a bit of a roll as of late, now aren’t we? One of our personal favorite tracks and guaranteed to get a play out, the Camel label started out in style with a Winston Riley produced track of the highest order. “Who You Gonna Run To“, although credited to The Techniques, is actually performed by The Shades. Now we’re not 100% sure of all the members of The Shades but Bruce Ruffin was certainly a member of both The Techniques and The Shades. It’s likely the track ended up credited to The Techniques because of Riley’s production credits. Nonetheless, this track is early reggae gold and set the standards high for a label that would go on to feature productions from Lee Perry, Alvin Ranglin, Lloyd Charmers and Glen Adams to name but a few. “History” by Harry and Radcliffe might be the best track put out on the label. It might be one of the best skinhead reggae tracks ever as well. And the label is beautiful as well. All around winner.


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