FNF: Ricky Hatton versus Kostya Tsyzu

We figured on the eve of Ricky Hatton’s return to the ring, what better Friday Night Fight choice than the highest point in Ricky’s career. In our, and many others, opinion that was this fight against Kostya Tsyzu. At this moment in time Tsyzu was considered to be one of the best pound for pound fighers in the world. Ricky was an up and coming fighter out of Britain. But he had the hometown advantage, fighting in front of tens of thousands of rabid Mancunians. A lot of has been made of Ricky’s fan base and just how dedicated they are. It’s because Ricky is the definition of a lad. He loves his football club with a passion few can relate too. He palled around with the Gallagher brothers. His favorite after fight ritual was to get a load of drinks in with the lads. He’s one of us. Here’s to wishing Ricky a successful return to the ring, we’ll have our eyes clued to the tube for this one.


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