Roger Rivas, Organ Boss

It feels almost sacrilegious to claim that any modern day organ player can match the heights of cats like Winston Wright, Ansel Collins, Jackie Mittoo or Glen Adams. But Roger Rivas, of the Aggrolites and the Bullets, is that cat. The man alternates between mashing the thing and tickling the keys like a goddamned virtuoso with ease. And now he’s decided to start putting out some tunes on his own label, Rivas. If you head over to you’ll, hopefully for you, be able to pick up the first tune released on the label “First Attack”. It’s advertised as reminiscent of a lost Winston Wright or Dynamites track. We think it might be better, the track is a chune of the highest order. You can’t miss it. The flip ain’t so bad either. Now it’s time to start anticipating the next release.


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