First Cut: Punch

“When lying asleep, don’t wake him. I’m burning much hotter than scorcher”. And with that we might have a contender for best ever first cut, courtesy of Vin Gordon and the Punch label. Chances are more than a few of you will recognize the tune from the Trojan Skinhead Reggae box set, or just the fact this tune is a massive skinhead classic. We’re a bit biased, but we’d be willing to bet it’s Karl Bryan doing the business on the saxophone here while performing in yet another group, this time The Dynamics. This tune has all the hallmarks of a top drawer tune: DJ intro, followed by a killer instrumental. The label is also one of the most eye catching and aesthetically pleasing of all the skinhead reggae labels. Maybe even the best. The B side on this is “Juckie Juckie”, also by The Dynamics. But let’s be honest how do you really top the energy of the A side? You don’t. Punch went on to have many more classics on it, notably Harry and Radcliffe’s “History”, Winston Francis’ “Too Experienced”, the Upsetters “Dry Acid” and Dave Barker’s “Shocks of Mighty”. Put this label down for a soundmans favorite.


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