FNF: Jamie Moore versus Matthew Macklin

For The Suits loves boxing. As if there was any doubt. But we figured we might as well just make it so glaringly obvious one has to accept it. We love everything boxing can be, everything it can encompass. It can be two of the sports worlds biggest celebrities meeting at the MGM Grand Garden Arena amongst the greatest of pomp and circumstance. You know the deal: Michael Buffer handling the introductions, millions of people watching on pay per view and the sports entire fan base waiting on baiting breath through everyone round as two of the sports elite fighters battle it out for supremacy. But that ain’t all the sport is. Sometimes it’s about two lads giving it 110% in a sweat box in Manchester, England with friends and family screaming themselves hoarse in support of someone they know intimately. Alphabet titles don’t matter between the two and many would consider they’re fighting for a prize much smaller. But at that moment in time nothing could be more important. For each and everyone round they lay it all out on the line. That is Matthew Macklin versus Jamie Moore. Many only know Macklin as a failed opponent of Sergio Martinez.Yes he lost to Sergio, one of the best fighters in the world at the moment, but he’s the kind of fighter who came up the hard way. Jamie Moore was much the same. Not too much glitz and glam. More hard work and dedication to the sweet science. And when these two met, it was explosive. Enjoy.


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