First Cut: Success

Straight up, Rupie Edwards did not get enough respect. Odd we know, in that the Pama subsidiary he ran was Success. None the less the man was immensely talented as soon as he sat in the producers seat and the first tune released on the Success imprint shows that exactly. “Look Who Buss A Style” by the Mediators has all the hallmarks of a skinhead reggae classic: killer instrumental backing and a sickly sweet vocal. A wonder then, probably down to the touch and go Pama distribution system of the time, that the Success label isn’t more regarded in the current skinhead reggae collector and DJ scene. Might have a lot to do with it not being initially popular amongst the original skinheads. The fact tunes weren’t released on the label til near the end of 1969, with media exploitation of the cult at its peak, might also have something to do with it. Either way this is one of the finest stars of any label from that time period, both sides absolute monsters in their own rights. It’s just too bad Mr. Edwards doesn’t receive the acclaim he righteously deserves.


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