FNF: Salvador Sanchez versus Azumah Nelson

What prevails: poise or aggression, composure or bravado? It’s a question you’ll be asking yourself if you’ve never before witnessed this legendary battle between Azumah Nelson, future Hall of Famer, and Salvador Sanchez, one of the most tragic figures in boxing history.

Sanchez was on his way to the top of the sport, his showdown with Nelson meant to be yet another stepping stone on his path to a showdown with the legendary Alexis Arguello. When you watch the bout keep in mind Nelson was a last minute replacement, only beginning to train for a fighter many considered to be one of the best pound for pound in the world a whopping two weeks beforehand. Nelson has said that he heard from Sanchez’ camp that Don King, promoter of the fight, asked Sanchez to at least prolong the KO of Nelson into the third round. Well Nelson comes out in the first round with an entirely different idea about how the fight is going to go, charging out of his corner and taking the fight too Sanchez whilst showing off some fancy footwork to the delight of the fans. Sanchez wasn’t the type to showboat though and maintains his composure throughout the early half of the fight before finding that second gear which separates the good from the great. But it’s one hell of a fight and a dazzling way for Sanchez to go out, a victim of a fatal car crash shortly after this took place.


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