First Cut: Escort

Jamaican music has a long history of “rudeness”, songs which contain sexually suggestive if not explicit lyrics. And it’s great. Pama subsidiary, Escort, decided to kick off their label with the Harry J produced “Hold The Pussy” by Kid Gungo. It certainly isn’t up to the standards as such classics like ‘Spread Your Bed” or “Wreck a Buddy” but it’s a pretty decent cut nonetheless. The real gem here though is when you flip it over for “Whapen” by Karl Bryan under his King Cannon moniker. If you’ve followed this site for any length of time you’re certainly acquainted with the fact we love everything Karl Bryan has done. This is him in the fine form which led to so many skinhead reggae monsters. Escort would go on to put out a number of good tunes, many produced by Harry J and featuring names like Marcia Griffiths, The Jamaicans, SS Binns and Tony Scotty. One of the Pama group of labels which just doesn’t get enough credit.


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