Super Six Finale

This Saturday, the journey is at an end. Through its multitude of ups and downs, Showtime’s “Super Six” tournament is finally coming to a conclusion and it is the exact sort of match up they would have wanted from the very beginning. It’s also turned out that it’s a fight fans are now clamouring to see.

Carl Froch. Andre Ward. Atlantic City. It has come down to this. Two very different boxers fighting for super middleweight supremacy. My prediction: Carl Froch by decision. That even to me feels like a bold declaration, but I’m not discouraged by the chorus of experts saying Andre Ward by decision.

Let me clear one thing up right away, I don’t believe Froch is a better boxer than Ward. I believe Froch is a better fighter. I would have to be either blind or delusional to think that Ward is not the more talented of these two fighters, his proficiency for the technical aspects of the sweet science has been exhibited throughout this tournament. But Froch has displayed something I think is much more important: heart. He’s shown an undying desire to impose his will on his opponents. He regularly fights away from home, opening himself up to the chance of suspicious losses by decision. He’s gone up against a string of opponents that no one else in the sport right now can match. And he’s made it to the final.

Froch will certainly have his hands full with Ward, but he’s experienced adversity before. He’s shown an ability to adapt and overcome as the situation calls for it and I think in the end that will make the difference. Regardless, it’s going to be one hell of a night.


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