FNF: Marco Antonio Barrera versus Erik Morales I

Figured with Garcia/Morales II being officially announced this week, part of a card to welcome boxing back to Brooklyn, what better way to celebrate than making this weeks Friday Night Fight the 2000 Fight of the Year Barrera/Morales I. When you talk most exciting fighters in the last decade you will hear the same names repeated again. Marquez, Pacquaio, Barrera, Morales, Gatti, Ward, Vazquez. Really in the lower weight classes we witnessed some of the best fights of all time. Barrera/Morales I might be the one which kick started all the others. It made each mans career, became a signature fight for them one which people will always look back on when reviewing the careers of both men. You want to know how Marco Antonio Barrera fought, how Erik Morales fought? Watch this fight. It’s hard to believe 12 years later we still have Erik Morales in the ring. The man has an undying will to fight, to prove his mettle in the center of the ring. In October he’ll get yet another chance to prove the game hasn’t moved past him.


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