“Savage Colt” by the El Dorados

We and Jamaicans share a lot of common interests. One of the biggest? Spaghetti Westerns. It may seem like a bit of stretch when you look at the logistics of it. How exactly did it come to pass that Italian produced Westerns became so popular all the way over in Jamaica? There’s likely been some sort of study done on it, but we haven’t seen it. Its easy to see the appeal with the rude boys of the day. It was common for them to get a little too excited during showings of “For a Fistful of Dollars” and “Death Rides a Horse” and other Spaghetti Western classics and start shooting at the screen in tandem with their big screen heroes. Regardless of how they got there they had a big impact on Jamaican society. Since music is oftentimes a reflection on society of the day it’s not surprising that reggae tracks inspired by the genre popped up en masse. This is one of our favorites: Savage Colt by The Eldorados. Really the genre was responsible for numerous huge instrumentals and DJ cuts, so while one of our favorites there still is a lot of gold one can search out. We suggest starting out with the Magnificent Fourteen compilation Trojan put out. Then if you’re lucky enough get a copy of the Big Gundown compilation put out by Earmark. You’re in for a treat.


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