Big Sam Gets Big Andy

Big Sam has finally landed his man. It was confirmed by the club today that West Ham have completed the signing of Andy Carroll on a season long loan. Let us be honest: we didn’t want Andy at the club. It seemed as though he had no desire to play for the club and while that was the case we had no use for him. Our thinking was if he thinks he’s too good for West Ham than he can jog on. Now that he’s signed for the year, we’re behind him 100%. While certainly still wary of just how well Andy will fare, if he’s a Hammer he’s a Hammer and he gets our full support. Certainly when we look at the situation more objectively it looks like it could be a very good piece of business. Big Sam’s style of play is built around whipping the ball into the box towards a big striker and/or scoring off of set pieces. Andy Carroll, all 6’3” of him, is built for that style of play. We’re not going to see any tika-taka style passing or Messi inspired mazy runs through defenders, he’s a goal poacher and a very serious aerial threat. Yes his stats last season were far from impressive but at the same time he had Stewart Downing providing service. We rest our case. So let’s get on with it Andy. Make us regret ever doubting you.


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