“Neil Armstrong” by the Hippy Boys

We wanted to honor Neil Armstrong, but we were unsure how to do it in our way. A dig through a record box with a faint recollection of possibly owning a track by the Hippy Boys that was titled after the American astronaut and first man to step foot on the moon brought us to this track. Although the impact of the moon landing on society as a whole cannot be understated, we’ve always found it interesting just how excited many Jamaican recording artists seemed to be about it. Just look at the number of skinhead reggae tunes with “Moon” in the title. It’s also been said certain stylistic traits of the astronauts casual wear had an influence on skinhead style. Neil Armstrong is bigger than all that though. Icon is a oft misused phrase nowadays. Mr. Armstrong was one man the word icon was never misused when describing him. Rest in peace.


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