First Cut: Upsetter

We like to keep it new and interesting here. And our weekends kind of get away from us. So we’re introducing another Friday feature. This one we’re gonna call First Cut Fridays. It’s real simple, when we put up the Errol Dunkley track “Please Stop Your Lying” and realized it was the first tune released on Amalgamated we got an idea. So every Friday til we run out of labels we’re gonna put up the first track ever released on skinhead reggae labels. Simple right? We went for an obvious one to kick this off. The Upsetter subsidiary of the legendary Trojan label is considered by many to be one of the best labels for skinhead reggae. It helps they kicked it off with “Eight for Eight” by The Upsetters b/w “You Know What I Mean” by The Inspirations. It was a pretty solid indication for what would come for the label. Creepy introduction of the track courtesy of Lee Perry himself followed by a massive organ led instrumental, very much the sort of sound the genre would become known for. Then you flip the thing over and BAM! Completely different but still incredible, a top vocal cut. The single would have been worth every penny. And the quality continued throughout the rest of 1969. Pretty good way to start wouldn’t you say?


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