“Sugar” Ray and his Contemporaries

“Sugar” Ray Robinson. Our first ever post was espousing the fact that, in our opinion, he was the greatest boxer of all time. It’s not exactly a rare opinion, as he’s been heralded as such for decades and barring Muhammad Ali no one has ever come close to really taking the title from him. This documentary does a lot to break down just how what made him such a great fight. Winning back to back Golden Gloves titles in two different weight classes and going 85 amateur bouts without a loss was just the start of his legend. The late 1940’s and early 1950’s were a bit of a golden age for the sweet science and we chose this documentary to feature over others because it does well to highlight some of the other greats of the time. We’re talking cats like Willie Pep, Joe Louis, Archie Moore, Joey Maxim, Sandy Saddler and Rocky Marciano to name a few. For some reason fighters and promoters have become obsessed with perfect records. None of these legends had one.

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