Summer Look

Find it a bit hot nowadays? We’re currently experience a heat wave where we’re at so being who we are, why not offer some advice. Don’t work up a nasty sweat and don’t use the heat as an excuse to dress like a dumb dumb. Go out and get yourself a nice plain, cotton Oxford shirt. Paired with sta-prest (see our guide if you need advice on that particular item) and brogues you’ll be having fun in the sun in no time and hardly breaking a sweat doing it. As it so happens the Oxford shirt is also one of the few things Ben Sherman still manages to get right, so all the better. And if you’re into getting The Look right, which let’s face it you are or you wouldn’t be here, these shirts harken back to the days of the hard mod and early skinheads when plain button down shirts were thee item to own. Not seeing any reasons to not have one now, are we?


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