Arturo Gatti versus Gabriel Ruelas

One did not go to war with Arturo Gatti. Not if you valued your health, and in a lot of cases, your consciousness. It has been 3 years since Gatti’s death and there ain’t a fight fan alive that doesn’t know his name. The man was one of, if not the, pre-eminent warriors in recent boxing memory. A cat like Gatti was the human embodiment of the world perseverance. No matter of pain and hardship could stop the dude. This fight, from ‘97, was the one which cemented Gatti’s status as one of the baddest dudes around and was also the first of four Fight of the Year honors. Things start getting tasty near the end of the third and kick into high gear for the rest of the fight. Battles like this are what Gatti should be remembered for.


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