Duke Reid

Duke Reid spinning a platter that, most likely, mattered. A foundation man of the Jamaican music scene, with the exception of Coxsone Dodd you won’t find a man who had a more profound affect on the birth and growth of the Jamaican music industry. A one time police officer, Reid decided there was better money to be made in the sound system industry. It wasn’t long before he took over the Tom the Great Sebastian’s sound, likely with a little bit of help from the “dancecrashers” Reid became familiar with during his time wearing the badge. One the desired sound of R&B started drying up in the States Reid decided to move on and produce his own tunes, working out of the now legendary Bond Street studio with the tunes being released on the legendary Treasure Isle label (amongst others). Although Studio One certainly ruled the day during the ska period, he hit his stride during the rocksteady era which can likely be attributed too Reid never developing a real appreciation for the ska sound. His Trojan Sound System was legendary in Jamaica and once he started putting out his tunes in the UK on the Trojan label created for his productions the rest was history. As you know by now, they were kind of a big deal.


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