Bobby “Schoolboy” Chacon

We’re not sure if boxing has ever had a more determined and unbreakable man to step between the ropes. Bobby Chacon is simply one of the most awe inspiring fighters ever. He regularly exhibited a supernatural reserve of stamina and willpower that surfaced at a time when most men would have been utterly and completely broken. Bobby began his journey in the fight game after his wife, Valerie, suggested he give the sport a try as a professional. He wasted no time in doing so and compiling a 19-0 record before stumbling in a typically valiant effort against champion Ruben Olivares. This was only a minor setback and led to a quick succession of fights, one of which was against fellow fan favorite Danny “Little Red” Lopez. All this was simply steps needed to be taken in order to progress, leading to another title shot this time against Alfredo Marcano. Unfortunately his greatest victory, to that point in his career, also proved to be a fateful introduction to a lifestyle of partying, boozing and run ins with the law. Unsurprisingly Bobby lost his second title defense, another defeat at the hands of Ruben Olivares. This led to a period of moderate success for Chacon, but it was at a point in his life when many figured him a shot fighter that his fame dramatically increased.

Sadly Bobby appeared to be incapable of having success and living a happy life. Valerie, the wife who suggested he enter the sport, had tired of seeing Bobby get battered and bruised in the ring. She suggested a change, a move to Hawaii aimed to keep Bobby out of the gym and away from promoters who could lure Bobby back into the ring. Boxing proved to be a greater addiction for Bobby than the love for his wife. Although she had found jobs in Hawaii Bobby simply could not pull himself away from the sport he loved. Before his fight with Salvador Ugalde Valerie committed suicide, a single rifle shot ending her battle with Bobby over his refusal to leave the sport behind. This occurred the night before the Ugalde fight. Bobby went out and fought the next night, winning by a third round KO. He has said he tried to kill Ugalde that night. One can only imagine any pain inside the ring was of no consequence, which is all we can think of too explain the next two fights in Chacon’s career. Rafael “Bazooka” Limon was a long time adversary of Chacon’s, having fought three times previous. The fourth meeting between the two was to be by far the greatest and one of the most memorable fights of all time. The two pushed one another to, quite simply, superhuman limits. Moments of the fight look as if the two are fighting in fast forward, which makes it all the more impressive that they keep up the action for almost the entire 15 rounds. By the championship rounds one is left astonished they can even stand, let alone still trade leather. If there is one fight you need to watch, it’s this one. Bobby wasn’t done though, and went on to meet Cornelius Boza Edwards, another man he had fought previously. This fight would prove to be, in our opinion, the one which sums up Bobby Chacon perfectly. Another all out war, one in which Chacon was badly losing, ends in a late KO victory for Bobby. Bleeding profusely from a series of cuts, his corner constantly asking for one more round rather than having the fight stopped, Bobby refusing to give up when the Doctor asks him if he can still fight, this was Bobby Chacon. Asking Bobby if he wanted to keep fighting was almost an insult. One of the most blood and guts boxers of all time and you leave the choice in his hands? Bobby would have died in the ring that night. Physical pain is nothing after the psychological hell he lived through.


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