Rupie Edwards

Alright, we’ve got to admit too it. We’ve slept on Rupie Edwards productions for far too long. You know how it goes, you get wrapped up in Joe Gibbs and Bunny Lee and Lee Perry produced tunes. Soon you’ve completely lost sight of the fact there was a handful of other producers during the early/skinhead reggae period. But fret no more, we realize we’ve messed up. This is just one of Edwards fine productions. Producers were certainly spoilt with choice during this period as there seemed to be no shortage of absolutely incredible musicians available. Gladstone Anderson is on the keys for this tune, his piano playing being a highlight of the track. Rupie was another one of those cats who left the performing side of the business to begin producing his own tunes. Originally he recorded as a solo vocalist before moving onto a duo, The Ambassadors, which he formed with Junior Menz. Shortly after Dobby Dobson joined the group to become a trio, known as The Virtues. One particular piece of rocksteady magic we’d love to get our hands on is the Virtues track “Falling in Love”. Rupie happened to produce this track, an early sign of the talent he possessed in the studio. It was shortly after this track was produced that he started putting out some topic early reggae productions such as “Promoters Grouse”. Although not the best producer of the period, he’s certainly an underrated and oft forgotten one and we’re hoping this does a bit to remedy that situation.


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