Rocksteady Essential

Honestly, who hasn’t heard of the Paragons. If you’re part of the mod, skinhead or suedehead subcultures we’ll be honest: you have no excuse. The group responsible for giving both Bob Andy and John Holt their start in the music business, the Paragons put out one of the biggest and most recognizable tunes in Jamaican music history: The Tide Is High. It’s been sampled, or the lyrics borrowed, by many a mainstream musician that you have to hope it’s led to at least a few people tracking down the original. Their “On The Beach” album is a rocksteady classic and absolutely essential to any collection and was our own personal baptism too the sweet, sweet sounds of rocksteady. So if you don’t already own it, pick up a copy and if you do put it on once more and remember just how good these cats are.

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