Bert Sugar RIP

On Sunday evening another individual who made up a large part of boxing history passed away. Bert Sugar was a vivacious character with an absolute ravenous appetite for the sweet science. Cigars might be the only thing the cat liked more. Owner of Boxing Illustrated and one time editor of the sports bible, The Ring, Bert output as a writer was enormous. We’d go as far as to say he served as one of the biggest faces of the sport while never participating in the ring. He appeared in countless movies, documentaries and interviews about the sport of boxing. He was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame in 2005. Bert’s life was boxing. Although it was not all that held his interest as his output relating to baseball, professional wrestling and even Houdini can attest. But few men have stamped their own legend on the sport, and even fewer yet did so as a journalist. He served, and will continue to serve, as a major inspiration to us. And above all Bert was a character. Not a guy trying to be a character, an honest to god character who lived his life the way he wanted. We can’t possibly sum up all of Bert’s accomplishments, mention all his writing or really give justice to just how important he was to boxing so we’ll leave it at this: we’ll miss ya Bert.


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