Joe Calzaghe, Legend

With the recent string of disappointments UK based fighters are coming off in fights taking place in America, we needed some cheering up as we’re sure you do. Darren Barker and Matthew Macklin both gave very impressive performances in respective losses to current Middleweight king, Sergio Martinez, showcasing a never say die and fight to the end mentality that seems to be bred into every English boxer. One fight we would love to see though is the subject of this documentary, Joe Calzaghe, matched up with Sergio Martinez. Although clearly only a dream, and likely happening at a catchweight, it would be interesting none the less. Joe, as is often the case with pugilists from the UK, still to this day does not get the respect he truly deserves in North America although he did everything he could to change that perception. But this documentary does well to showcase the legend of Calzaghe and make it crystal clear he was one of the best ever in his weight class. Hopefully a few readers will gain a new found respect for Joe because of it, or be remembered why you thought Joe was one of the best.


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