Ode To Fred

There is obviously no shortage when it comes to makers of polo shirts. We’re quite sure there’s actually very few companies who don’t put out their own range of polos. But no one makes a better one then Fred Perry as far as we’re concerned. It would appear many others agree with us when you consider the number of clothing makers within the scene, such as Britac and Mikkel Rude, who make button down shirts but none of which offer polos. Much like another one of our favorite clothing makers, Ben Sherman, the original designer of the classic Fred Perry polo, Tibby Wegner, received much inspiration from an already established design. For Fred Perry it was the polos originally produced by Rene Lacoste, a name a few of you might know. The classic laurel wreath was chosen because of it’s use as Wimbledon official symbol. Little known fact: mods were almost solely responsible for the introduction of more than just one color (plain white) after Fred Perry polos became a hugely popular item on the scene. It’s been a staple of mods, skinheads, suedeheads and pop stars ever since.


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