For The Suits Update

Welcome to the number of new followers we’ve received in the last couple of weeks. Any and all support of the blog is greatly appreciated, as is spreading the word. If you like us, let your friends know they’ll probably like us too if they know what’s good for them. Anyway, quick update for everyone about a few new things we have/will have going on.

First off, we now have a Facebook page which can be found Go ahead and like us on there. Provides updates as well as some nice tunes and video every now again.

Secondly, we also have a twitter account now: @forthesuits. Currently it serves mostly as a chance to share updates to the page with our Twitter followers but beginning next weekend we will be live tweeting round by round throughout the best boxing action every weekend.

Not really a huge update, but some new developments for longtime and new followers alike. Any feedback is much appreciated, we’re also looking for DJs, boxers, record collectors, clothes makers, etc…to do profiles on so if you’re interested send us a message.

Stay Smart,



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