Goodbye Goody

In the recent unfortunate number of deaths, in both the boxing and reggae world, that seemed to fall in such quick succession we made a terrible error in neglecting to cover the passing of another one of boxing’s characters: Guerino “Goody” Petronelli. The picture we’ve included above is from April 15th, 1985. It was one of the greatest nights in boxing history, the kind of night and atmosphere only a big fight can provide. Under the lights of Caesars in Vegas Petronelli’s charge, Marvin Hagler, triumphed over another all time great in Thomas Hearns. The fight went to be known as “The War”, and you can find a link here on the blog. Goody is on the far right with his brother Pat on the far left and Marvin in the middle. Goody was by all accounts a man of few words, always quick to get to the point and cut out the bullshit. Growing up with many men like that, we feel a bit of a kinship. From the photo though you can feel an understated joy at his boy making it to the top of the game, juxtaposed by his brother Pat’s raw excitement. It’s a beautiful moment caught in time. Although this moment was most certainly the height of Goody’s career he never stopped with the sport he loved until a landlord dispute a year prior to his death forced him out of the gym. It’s safe to say he probably would have kept going ‘til death kept him from coming anymore. Rest in peace, Goody.


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