Motor City Cobra

Tommy Hearns. The Hitman. The Motor City Cobra. Quite simply, the motherfucking man. We’re not exactly sure what leads to some much sheer awesome coming out of Motown, but we certainly appreciate it. First boxer to ever win four titles in four different weight classes. Then he decided that wasn’t good enough for him so he went for five in five. This cat was a phenom from the first time he stepped in the ring, going 28-0 before defeating Pipino Cuevas to end his four year reign as World titleholder. Of course Tommy did it with a second round KO. That’s just Tommy’s style. Unfortunately when it came to the fights that would have made him one of the pound for pound greatest of all time Hearns couldn’t pull the trigger. Losses to both “Sugar” Ray Leonard and “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler had him in two of the greatest fights of all time and elevated him to superstar status, but they also left him behind the two in terms of public opinion. Hearns did his best to reverse that when he met up with Leonard for a second fight in 1989, with many fight fans believing Hearns actually won. It was scored a draw. Life isn’t fair and a cat like Tommy Hearns knows that all too well. The guy, on top of being a World Class pugilist, was also supporting many members of his extended family up until 2010 when he had to sell most of his possessions due to a $250, 000 debt owed to the IRS. Consolation finds itself in the fact that 2012 is when Hearns make his way into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. One of the least suprising inductions in history.


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