Angelo Dundee RIP

Sometimes we might use the phrase “they don’t make ‘em like this anymore”. Well we’re going to go ahead and risk over doing it because yesterday the world lost a legendary figure: Angelo Dundee. You’ve no doubt heard of him, as although he was a boxing trainer his sheer skill as a cornerman and vast knowledge of the sweet science propelled him to a place in pop culture alongside the many fighters whom he helped reached the top. This is a cat who trained over 15 World Champions over the course of a career spanning 4 decades. His list of fighters reads like a goddamned hall of fame! Carmen Basilio, Luis Rodriguez, “Sugar” Ray Leonard, George Foreman (during his comeback) and last but certainly not least Muhammad Ali. Of course Angelo’s alma matter, Stillman’s Gym in Miami, Florida, did a lot to shape the man. Learning from guys like Charlie Goldman could only serve to help you become one of the best. The things that really stand out though is Dundee’s humility throughout it all. He was always willing to help out new boxing writers looking for a story, often times sharing his phone number and a guarantee that if they needed anything he would be glad to help. How many “celebrities” nowadays are going to do that? Dundee was one of a kind. He somehow managed to reach the stars while keeping both feet firmly planted in the ground. Rest in peace, Angelo.


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