Flash Elorde

Meet Flash Elorde, an all time legendary Filipino fighter. The Philippine islands seem to be a breeding ground for extremely talented fighters and Elorde was one of the most talented. Noted for his silky smooth boxing skills and lightning speed he went on to win the world junior lightweight title in 1960 and defend it for seven years. Yes, that’s right, seven. Winning the title was a bit of a big deal. A Filipino fighter hadn’t held a world title in over 20 years at that point. So when Harold Gomes’, reigning champion, knee hit the mat the crowd rushed the ring. The International Boxing Hall of Fame recognized his achievements in 1993 when he became not only the first Filipino, but first Asian, fighter to be inducted. Not that his career was all smiles. After outpointing the legendary Sandy Saddler in a 1955 bout he went on to lose a 1956 rematch in San Francisco courtesy of a cut. Elorde didn’t win them all, but he was willing to step into the ring with them all. And that’s what makes a fighter great, folks.


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