“Swing and Dine” by The Melodians

Probably one of the top rocksteady tunes ever released, The Melodians “Swing and Dine” is essential. We think part of puzzle that makes this such a great song is the production of Miss Sonia Pottinger. She put out so many top rocksteady tracks and doesn’t recieve nearly enough love for her work during the period. Back to The Melodians though, the group was originally formed in 1965 and consisted of one of Lloyd Brevett’s nephews, Trevor, as well as Brent Dowe and Trevor McNaughton. They received their start like so many other groups with Coxsone Dodd’s legendary Studio One label before hitting what many consider to be their pinnacle at the rival Treasure Isle studios. The group continues to perform to this day with a show in Los Angeles on February 5th. We highly recommend making it out if you can. If you don’t happen to live in what is increasingly becoming a Jamaican music mecca, such as ourselves, we’d suggest picking up any of the compilations that have been put together exhibiting the groups work.

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